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Spring/Summer 2017

LXV                                                   No. 3

President's Message

Thank you all for a great year. It was an honor and a pleasure to be your President in this 97th year of DACTM. It is my hope that our members are proud of the work undertaken in our community this year in particular and during my time as president.

I want to thank the Executive Board Members all of whom have provided loyal support and hours of hard work to guide this organization. I have never met a more passionate, excellent group of educators. Because of DACTM, I now call many of them my friends.

As I think about my time in office, I must reflect upon all that has been done…

We have helped to build thinking classrooms, work with general education teachers who have students with special needs, put on pi day celebrations, had book studies, rolled out a STEM curriculum with Hotwheels, advocated for teachers, worked as a coalition with other teacher organizations, re-teamed with our science brothers and sisters to put on an annual conference. We have raised money and awarded to worthy teachers. And the list goes on…

I am happy to say that our future looks bright with President Elect Desiree Harrison. She is an innovative, thoughtful young professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and new ideas to DACTM.  I know that we are in good hands with her at the helm.

Scot Acre, DACTM President

Editor's Note

It has been a great year for The FACTORIAL!. The new online format has been a success! Thank you to everyone that has contributed to its success in any way. 

A special thanks is given to all that provided thought-provoking, journal articles that contributed to the professional growth of readers. 

Christine Kincaid - Dewey, Warren Consolidated Schools

Steve Durant, Wyandotte Public Schools/Washtenaw Community College

Desiree Harrison, Kid's Math Talk, LLC

Elizabeth Kutchney, Waterford School District 

Afreeka Miller, Westside Christian School

Aimee Schwartz, Holly Area Schools

I also thank the following DACTM board members for providing material for the FACTORIAL! Rewind and Stats News columns, respectively.

Christine Kincaid - Dewey, Vice President Annual Conference

Kathleen Peterson, Scholarships and Mini-Grants

This marks the end of the 65th year of The FACTORIAL! publication. In this issue, you will find practical applications for incorporating technology and reading strategies in the mathematics classroom, DACTM announcements, and opportunities for professional development. The 2017 fall DACTM/MDSTA conference will be held on Saturday, November 11. Save the date.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Balyta, Texas Instruments President of Education Technology. Be sure to check out the feature article "Texas Instruments: Multifaceted Innovation" to read excerpts from the interview. 

  Kyalamboka Brown, FACTORIAL! Editor


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Click here to access the feature article Texas Instruments: Multifaceted Innovation. 

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